our approach

to personal retirement income planning

If you are retiring soon or recently retired, our goals-based retirement income planning service will give you the comfort, confidence, and peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family are on track financially.


The Seven Tiers of retirement income Planning

  • Tier 1: Goals and Objectives
    Updated annually
  • Tier 2: Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    updated annually
  • Tier 3: Retirement Income Cash Flows (range of outcomes)
    includes Monte Carlo style analysis
  • Tier 4: Overall Asset Allocation Analysis
    includes all accounts
  • Tier 5: Life Insurance and Estate Planning
    includes review of will and trust documents by estate planning attorney
  • Tier 6: Medicare and Social Security Integration
    Includes one hour consultation with myAnalyst Social Security*
  • Tier 7: Action Steps
    Includes specific recommendations 

The Goals-Based Planning Process