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business valuation

We value all kind of businesses, including partnerships, LLCs, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental entities.

value enhancement

We discover your business’s key drivers, and develop a process improvement plan to provide a detailed roadmap to improving its value.

Exit Planning

We specialize in helping business owners develop a plan to leave their company in capable hands while increasing potential cash flow and reducing taxes.

Business valuation checklist

Our valuation services are comprised of professionals with specialized expertise who dedicate their time and talent to valuations. That focus, plus ongoing involvement in industry and professional associations, assures we can offer the most accurate information to make the right decisions.


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Strategies for Valuing Complex and Unusual Entities

Listen as Mary Vandenack, host of the Vandenack Weaver Legal Visionaries Podcast, talks with Evan Levine and Nainesh Shah from Complete Advisors, about the specific challenges associated with valuing unique entities. Together they shed light on key factors to consider, preferred valuation methods, and insights into handling valuation intricacies for start-ups and early-stage companies.

Navigating Valuation Pitfalls: Insights from the Experts

Join Host Mary Vandenack and her guests, Evan and Nainesh, for an informative discussion on the challenges of business valuations. Who and how should you value tangible and intangible assets? And, what is the potential impact of insufficient data, lack of due diligence, or an inaccurate report. Listen as they share practical advice on identifying credible experts and avoiding critical valuation errors.

The Importance of Qualified Appraisals in Tax, Legal, and Financial Matters

A valuation report from a “qualified appraiser” is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in various situations, including in some donations of property, certain estate tax filings and gift tax returns as well as other transactions between related...

Valuation Considerations for Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPACS)

This video describes the valuation considerations for Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations. (SPACS). Speakers: Nainesh Shah, CFA, CVA, Evan Levine, ChFC and Martin M. Shenkman, Esq.  Transcript Marty Shenkman (00:09): Welcome to Law Easy. My name's Marty...

Nine Valuation Mistakes for Business Owners to Avoid

As baby boomers continue to retire and transfer wealth, the need for a professional business valuation will continue to increase. If you are a CPA or Attorney who advises business owners, eventually, you will have a client who needs to determine the value of their...

How to Structure and Value an Earnout Agreement

This video describes the structuring of a business earnout agreement and points the business owner may consider when preparing to sell their business and whether to include an earnout. Speakers: Nainesh Shah, CFA, CVA, Evan Levine, ChFC and Martin M. Shenkman,...

Vandenack Weaver Podcast

Listen to Evan and Nainesh on the Vandenack Weaver podcast! Mary Vandenack, founder and managing partner at Vandenack Weaver, talks to Evan Levine and Nainesh Shah, partners at Complete Advisors LLC, about Earn Out Agreements and why COVID brought more attention to them.

The Business Sale With an Earnout

Many businesses have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, magnifying the risk of using a “fixed price” for the sale of a company. The gap between what a buyer is willing to pay and what a seller is willing to accept might be more pronounced than ever today. And...


Evan Levine and Nainesh Shah provide members with commentary that examines the valuation of Prince and other artists. Evan Levine is a Chartered Financial Consultant with over 30 years experience. He has given dozens of educational seminars on retirement and estate…

The Current State of Valuations

Listen to Evan and Nainesh on the Accounting Today podcast! Determining the value of a CPA firm or other business is as much art as science, according to Nainesh Shah and Evan Levine of Complete Advisors LLC.